The first storyteller to help children master their emotions

Ages 3 to 10. Wave-free, screen-free.

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5 seconds to understand

  • I choose the mode

    Two modes are avaliable: Quiet and Stimulation. The Quiet mode contains relaxing activities, where as in the Stimulation mode has energizing activities.

  • I choose a theme

    The colourful knob allows you to choose an emotion from six big feelings: Joy, Sadness, Fear, Serenity, Anger and Self-Confidence.

  • I select my story

    You can travel through 96 immersive audio tracks: stories, meditations, philosophical tales, yoga poses, and atmospheres.

Parents are over the moon...

I found the exercise fun and interesting: The sound universe of the stories is captivating, the voice of the narrator is suitable and very pleasant.
Émilie G September 18, 2021
The stories are pleasant, not too cheesy and allow to quickly target the issues (anger, joy...).
Géraldine B November 4, 2021
Great for kids and adults alike! We really enjoyed them and would love to discover new ones!
Aurélie P August 29, 2021

For every moment of the day


To wake up

Quiet mode


For morning yoga

Stimulation mode


After a tantrum

Quiet mode


With friends

Stimulation mode


For long drives

Stimulation mode


Before sleeping

Quiet mode

Reinforce the connection with your child

An essential tool for...

  • Stimulating curiosity

  • Improving school performance

  • Strengthening the parent/child bond

  • Facilitating falling asleep

  • Improving concentration

  • Reducing anxiety

The goals behind HoomKid

The wave of emotions

Unleashing your words to soothe

Managing emotions

Becoming a master of your emotions

The fundamentals

Developing your emotional intelligence

Designed by child psychology experts

  • Pauline de Falco

    Pauline de Falco


    Graduate in clinical neuropsychology and behavioral analysis in children.

  • Florence Millot

    Florence Millot

    Clinical psychologist

    Psychologist, psychoeducator, lecturer and author.

  • Élizabeth Couzon

    Élizabeth Couzon

    Clinical psychologist

    Clinical psychologist, instructor in stress management and children's emotions, author.

  • Noémie Bart

    Noémie Bart

    Yoga teacher

    Yoga teacher, children's yoga and wellness workshops.

"An essential tool to help kids tame their emotions, traveling with them through incredible stories."
Élisabeth Couzon

Designed by specialists

In collaboration with renowned studios, we compose original music for each story and collect unique sounds from nature. Total immersion.

  • Narrator

    Alicia Galli

  • Storyteller

    Loïc Risser

  • Sound designer

    Pierre-Luc Deniel

  • Sophrologist

    Sandra Triaire

  • Sound designers

    Zéro Janvier Prod.

  • Sound designer

    Lucas Resch

  • Scriptwriter

    Bastien Champougny

One-time purchase for endless fun

Satisfaction guarantee or your money back

100 days to test HoomKid

100% recycled plastic

HoomBook - In the box
  • Built-in Battery

    Lithium-ion 8h Autonomy - USB-C charging
  • Audio out

    Built-in speaker 20Hz–20KHz 3,5 mm audio jack
  • Size and weight

    L.135 x l.82 x H.32 mm Weight 250g
  • In the box

    HoomKid, USB to USB-C charging cables, User Guide
  • Eco-design

    Packaging in recycled cardboard
    Recycled ABS housing
    Suede-like cover

About us

Livlab is a French company established in 2012 by three ex-insomniacs: Gui, Pierre, and Alex. Dodow, its first device, launched in 2014, has snatched more than 750.000 users from the jaws of insomnia thanks to cardiac coherence.Today, Livlab wishes to teach wellness from early childhood, tackling emotional balance, a subject that has been neglected for too long and is at the root of many well-known disorders among children and adults (stress, anxiety, insomnia).

Frequently asked questions

Can I play a Quiet story in Stimulation mode or the other way round?

You can play your child a story from the Quiet mode to relax them during the day if you want. The order does not matter. The main goal is to find a track that suits your child's feelings and helps them find answers to their questions or ways to manage their emotions.

Can I let my child play alone?

You can let your child experiment with HoomKid alone. It will allow them to discover their inner self and develop their sense of initiative, letting them choose what they want to listen to.

Can my child use HoomKid with headphones or earphones?

It's absolutely possible to use HoomKid with headphones or earphones that are to be plugged into the jack plug on the side of the device. However, ensure the volume is not too loud and suits your children's age. HoomKid's maximum loudness is limited to 85dB (decibels) in compliance with WHO's recommendations.

I plugged HoomKid's cable in to charge it, but the LED doesn't light up, is it normal?

When your HoomKid's battery is empty, there isn't enough tension for the LED to light up. Plug the charging cable in to charge it up entirely. If you want to see the LED light up, wait a few minutes for your HoomKid to charge, unplug it, then plug the cable in again.

How to choose my story?

Once your child has chosen the theme's color and the story or activity they want to explore, all you have to do is select the theme's color on the upper knob and the story's or activity's symbol on the second knob. Then you can press "play." Here we go!

Can I check the battery level on my HoomKid?

When HoomKid is on, its battery level is shown by the LED battery indicator, which you can find on the USB-C port's right. If the LED is off, you have at least two hours of listening left. If it is blinking red, it means that you have less than two hours of listening left (a full charge gives approximately 10 hours of battery run time in play mode).

Can I listen to a story if my HoomKid is closed?

When HoomKid is closed, listening to a story with your headphones or earphones is possible. Without these, it is better to leave it open.

Why is yoga good for my child?

Yoga is the perfect activity to alleviate attention and concentration disorders. It allows your child to be in tune with their body, to find their balance, to perfect body poses, and to develop their suppleness. In time, your child will learn self-control and relaxation for a better quality of life.

Why is meditation good for my child?

Meditation is an extremely beneficial activity that contributes to well-being among adults as well as children. Your child will learn that meditation is not "doing nothing" but rather focusing on their surroundings, on the emotions they are feeling in order to understand them and relax themselves. Thanks to meditation, children increase their concentration skills and well-being. This requires a steady practice to be integrated into everyday life, like a routine.

What is the right age for my child to start using HoomKid?

HoomKid is suitable from age 3. At that age, vocabulary is expanding with new words, thanks to imagination and emotions! It's also at that age that children start going to school, playing, and making friends, which brings them to discover new feelings and ask themselves plenty of questions.We recommend HoomKid until 10 years old because children change. They do not have the same needs and the same urges at 4 or 8 years old. Comprehension also develops with age, which allows your child to rediscover a story they heard when they were younger. That's why we created varied content in order to guide children through the different steps of their development.Whatever your child's age, our Quiet mode tracks are meant to calm down and relax on a day-to-day basis.