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J. Earl

2020-04-24 10:39:45
25 min more of sleep every night
1h30-2h without Hoom
5-10min with Hoom

Comfortable, great sound, and soothing I really loved this. I’ve spelt with headphones on for my entire life because I need to listening to music or audiobooks to sleep. But obviously, headphones aren’t the most comfortable option for sleep. This headband fits really well around my head (I got the medium/large size), and the headphones align well with my ears. They have great quality sound and my partner sleeping right next to me can’t hear it, even if I have the volume high, so it’s perfect for us. I’m able to sleep 100000x more comfortably now. Also, the app is wonderful, with some great stories to fall asleep to, just the right amount of boring and engaging to fall asleep too. As I said, I sleep to audiobooks all the time, so I have a strangely high bar for sleep stories. Overall, a really excellent product!

Ricky Macias

2020-04-24 10:39:45
45 min more of sleep every night
1h-1h30 without Hoom
10-20min with Hoom

Soothing sounds to help me sleep I’m the type of person who needs some sort of white noise in order to sleep—not to be mistaken by the disruptive sounds from my neighborhood. I need something calming and continuous/consistent. So when I heard about Hoomband, I was intrigued to learn more. At first I was worried about how comfortable the band would be on my head. But to my surprise, it fits quite well and is almost as if I’m not wearing it at all sometimes I’ve been using the Hoom for the past few weeks now and I notice that it de-stresses me after a long day of work and allows me to fall asleep quicker. In the morning I feel well rested and ready for another day. Definitely thinking of buying another to gift this Christmas!

Rémy Revol

2020-04-24 10:39:45
30 min more of sleep every night
1h-1h30 without Hoom
0-5 min with Hoom

Testé depuis quelques semaines, c'est super. J'étais déjà adepte de l'utilisation d'écouteurs pour les livres audio mais là, le bandeau, c'est au largement supérieur pour le confort et l'endormissement. Connectivité par prise Jack : MERCI de ne pas avoir développé un système sans-fil. On a déjà suffisamment d'ondes toute la journée... Et de batteries à gérer! Sélection audio dans l'application suffisamment variée. Mais c'est un système compatible avec tous les contenus audio, je m'en sers par exemple avec Audible aussi. Donc vraiment après quelques semaines, je suis convaincu ! Je précise que je suis totalement indépendant et n'ai aucune part chez Livlab ;)