The 5 Hoom levers for bringing on sleep

Each person is unique. This is why for the Hoom project we have studied the landscape of existing sound methods in order to create the most complete content library possible.

All our content is exclusive and studied especially for inducing the deepest and quickest sleep possible.

You may be easily carried away by hypnotic documentaries, while your partner is fascinated by binaural frequencies offered in guided meditations.

Behind each content, there is a voyage ... and a secret!

These are the 5 elements on which the Hoomband team and sleep experts (hypnotherapists, sophrologists), have worked for creating a new experience every night.

Hoom secret #1: hypnotic stories

Our hypnotic stories hide their purpose very well...

Studied and created by hypnotherapists, these immersive stories conceal very precise techniques for inducing sleep: Fluff, induction, VAKOG, sprinkling, etc.

What gives them their strength is that these stories captivate you without even having the impression that your subconscious is preparing you to fall asleep.

While exploring the masterworks of Dali, the studio of an artist, the works of Einstein, or the Milky Way aboard a spaceship, you embark for universes far from your reality.

Which is perfect for escaping before falling into the arms of Morpheus.

Top 3 hypnotic stories most listened to with the HoomBand application:

Hoom secret #2: white noise

Contrary to popular belief, the noise of a waterfall, waves, or wind is not white noise.

True white noise is not at all pleasant to hear. Imagine a badly adjusted TV or a radio station at the wrong frequency!

We have therefore “covered” them in pleasant soundtracks, to enhance their effects.

White noise is ideal for people who suffer from waking up at night due to noise, or people who have high sensitivity to noise before falling asleep.

Beyond its effect on sleep, researchers have also discovered that it can increase our memory and learning capacities ...

Hoom secret #3: ASMR

Having become a trend on the internet, ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) has oddly conquered millions of sleepers around the world.

Mouth noises, whispering, tapping on a hard surface, rubbing hands: some people speak of a deep relaxing effect, from chills down the spine, to cerebral orgasm!

Science looked into this phenomenon and concludes that it is effective.

We do not use “pure” ASMR in our content library, however we have chosen to included numerous stories and sounds in order to intensify their hypnotic effect.

And according to some researchers, this would be even more effective...

Hoom secret #4: binaural frequencies

Behind the barbaric name of binaural frequencies hides a curious scientific phenomenon.

Two frequencies (one for the right ear and one for the left ear) are used at the same time to “force” the brain to create a lower frequency, which immediately calms it.

Not only do they allow falling asleep more quickly, but they also obtain a deep feeling of well-being.

In order to hear binaural frequencies, it is important to wear an audio headset.

Listening to them with the HoomBand headband is ideal for falling asleep!

Very effective, we pair them with guided meditations and background sounds to multiply the hypnotic power of our content.

Hoom secret #5: sacred frequencies

Wrapped in mystery, 9 sacred frequencies would have the ability to cure the physical, mental and spiritual ailments of those who listen to them.

Old Gregorian chants, going through ancient Egyptian chants and Tibetan sound scales: men knew that certain “sounds” are really pleasing without knowing why ...

Although their effects are not proven, many people feel their benefits.

This is why we have chosen to included them in background sounds of some of our hypnotic meditations and stories.

Among the 9 known frequencies, for very particular properties, we always choose that which will be the most suitable for easing the mind and deep relaxation.

Behind each content offered in the HoomBand application, there is a real desire to provide a unique experience.

We constantly seek the perfect alchemy between narrative content (for stories), the background, and the desired effect.

Each sound and story must give the impression of falling asleep in a pleasant and reassuring sound cocoon!

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